About Florisene

florisene packFlorisene has been designed to tackle specifically one type of hair loss suffered by women: chronic telogen effluvium (CTE). Together with genetic baldness, this condition is responsible for 95% of all hair thinning in women.

The most common cause of this type of loss of hair is a nutritional shortfall of the iron level in the body. This deficiency can be over a number of years before you notice anything amiss.

Symptoms of telogen effluvium

  • Your hair thins gradually over time. There will simply be less hair to clip or tie back.
  • You will notice more hairs falling out when you wash or brush your hair than normal.
  • The shedding of hair will be uniformly distributed over your scalp. You will not have bald patches.
  • Your remaining hair and scalp will look perfectly healthy.

To treat the persistent type of telogen effluvium cause by low iron levels you need to raise you iron levels back to a healthy level as quickly as possible. These supplements are the best way to achieve this.

Take 3 supplements daily and hair loss can be reduced in as little as 16 weeks. Most women who suffer with CTE experience positive results within 6 months of taking these supplements.

Florisene vs Iron Supplements or Iron Rich Food

Eating lost of red meat is one way to increase you iron intake but it can be bad for your long term health. You could take iron supplements but to achieve similar results to Florisene you would need to take a lot of them as without the other ingredient in these supplements the absorption of the element into your body will be poor.

This is in essence an iron supplement with a formulation designed to greatly increase absorption of the mineral.


Each supplement contains:

  • Iron (24mg)
  • L-Lysine (500mg) – increases FE absorption
  • Vitamin C (24mg) – increases FE absorption
  • Vitamin B12 (3µg) – increases FE absorption


First 6 months: take one supplement 3 time a day. If shedding stops before 6 months reduce you intake to one per day. If after 6 months you have notice no reduction in your loss of hair it is unlikely that continuing to take them is going to have any positive effect on your hair.

After 6 months: take 1 or 2 tablets a day depending on you dietary iron intake (if you eat little or no red meat take 2 per day).