Florisene Prices

florisene-pack-smallPacks of Florisene come in two different sizes containing either 90 or 270 supplements which will last 30 or 90 days (1 or 3 months) respectively if you follow the recommended inital intake of 3 per day.

It will come as no suprise that you will get wht best deal when you buy the larger triple pack and as it can take Florisene up to 6 months before it has an effect on you hair buying larger packs make sense.

Below you will find today’s online price comparison for Florisene supplements.

Retailer Price Delivery £/month
£44.99 £3.49 £16.16
£14.99 £3.49 £18.48
£39.79 Free £13.26
£15.19 £3.45 £18.64
£14.77 Free £14.77
£43.79 Free £14.60
£14.26 £3.49 £17.75

Clinically supported formula for hair growth

Florisene is a clinically proven supplement for women to combat chronic telogen effluvium (CTE). CTE is a very common type of hair loss in women (effecting 4.8 million women in the UK) often caused by low iron levels in the blood. These supplements contain a highly absorbable form of iron designed to raise your iron levels.